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February. 22. 2019.

Good morning! As you do that Weekend Dance with excitement for your break from work or as your doing your pouting because you work Food-N-Bev and your busy work days are about to begin, I want to wish you a great weekend full of laughter and good fortune. Go outside and enjoy the weather or read a good book or deep clean your house or veg out on the couch for 50 hours or get your hustle on and make that money!! Either way, do it well, and do it with fun. We don’t get one golden chance when you continue to go go go and go again. 

We had the pleasure of running away for two nights to go on a small Baked Cat Camping Retreat out oat Givhans Ferry State Park in Ridgeville, South Carolina. It’s right around the corner from the studio but it felt like we were miles away! The weather, although not entirely fantastic, did seem to cooperate decently for what we were given. You see, I booked the dates BEFORE checking the weather so we fought the cold and wet weather with frequent, albeit random, drizzles of ran. It wasn’t too bad, however, since we got used to the doing the “WW CD Dance” - Warm & Wet or Cold & Dry Dance. We kept the fire ROARIN’ throughout to keep this up and it was worth it! Of course, we filmed our time there so you can check it out on an upcoming vlog! This camping trip was so necessary as I was starting to burn myself out and losing quality of work. On that split decision I made to book the site, I realized it was almost subconscious. The peace and quiet provided me with the perfect relaxation to give my brain time to sort through all the things without having to struggle to process oncoming information. Just sitting by the fire and focusing on keeping it alive was the best meditation I could have given my mind. Whatever it is that will allow you to step away and clear your thoughts, make time for that. Burn outs will come fast and unexpectedly so keep an eye on yourself and prevent that from happening.  

This week was then spent doing the other jobs I had planned before camping and now we are here at Friday! Next week we’ll be prepping the apparel so we can begin printing our Spring Series and filming some painting videos, how to’s, and what not’s for all to enjoy! For now, we’ll be sitting back editing and creating! Don’t forget to check out our Social Media accounts and get more updates on our activities! 


Have a great weekend, fam

-Caleb, Baked Cat Studio



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