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February. 15. 2019.

So it’s Friday, the end of the “work week” for most and this week has been pretty wild. But that’s how life should be, right? Wild and crazy as hell as we flail around trying our best to get a foothold somewhere stable? Oh the stories we get as we live through our continual collision course towards an unknown destination; hopefully, full of carefree moments and sunny afternoons filled with smiles and laughter. That’s what we celebrate here, the funner side of life. Those lunch time moments with a symphony of seagulls surrounding your “not yet sandy” lunch with your best friends on the beach. Those cool evenings spent racing down the best neighborhood slope on your freshly cleaned longboard and feeling the wind lift you off the ground. The special split decision to Break The Routine and see that band you just heard about as you passed the venue on a Friday night. It’s the moments when you borrow your family’s flying ford to go to Hogwarts. 

The funner side is what we’re about and what we focus our energy and passions on. “Life is _____” a myriad of anecdotes, we know, and that’s why we want you to join us in sticking true to the funner side of life! 

We’re working on some cool videos for you peeps, like tutorials - like this one: WATCH ME - and more goofy vlogs. Not to mention, future art auctions of your favorite thing. What’s your thing to fan over? Maybe I’ll paint it and make it a video! Who knows, but we’re having a blast. We’ve been doodling ideas for our Spring Apparel release because we’re never content and constantly come up with more and more ideas! Remember the Spring Series comes out March 20th- so do yourself a favor and set a reminder so you don’t miss your chance to get one of the LIMITED run shirts or tank tops or see what the secret item will be, only two or three available. 


Have a great weekend, fam

-Caleb, Baked Cat Studio



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