Pollen Attack

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March. 29. 2019.

What’s up eeeveryyboooodyyyyyyy!

When is life not hectic and exciting and how many of you can answer that with bold, “NEVER!”? My immediate guess is not many but then I realized that we each live in our own realities and what is hectic to one may not be hectic to others; however, I want to believe most of you can say your life is exciting! There’s something mystical yet attractive about having to juggle so many things at once and honing your craft to manage it all. Challenging? Oh, but of course. Worth it? More than imaginable. Life, being the ever flowing fluid force that it is, sets us up for whatever successes we set out to achieve; we only need to pay attention and perceptive to the signs around us to capitalize on those golden opportunities. It is demanding, tedious, and often costly to stay on top of these opened doorways and we often miss things, slow down, and get distracted. But as I said above, such is the fluidity of life and such is the way things must be. Part of life’s desirable pleasures is forgetting your stresses and allowing that shiny object to distract you ( and often times that shiny object is someone’s handwork and business so it comes around full circle and goodness what a rabbit hole I have talked us into!

It’s been a recharging morning in the studio with classical music setting the tone that rocked me into a philosophical ramble like a sweet lullaby. We are happy in here and facing the world with a smile on our face. Technically, we are just one…me…Caleb, but I like to think anyone that walks in here picks up a smile and takes it with them. Like the studio motto says, “Spreading the funner side of life”!That being said, you’ve got to check out our new shirts that came out last week! Bees are immensely important to our way of life, not to mention how freaking cool they are as creatures, so we’ve been digging our Buzzin shirt a lot. We’ve got the Beach Chiller coming out in a bit and a Weak Shark design as well, so keep ya eyes out for those!

I’ve been playing around with a new style combining my watercolor and block printing passions. Those of you that read this will have exclusive insight to this new style since I’m not telling anyone else while I work through the process! Welcome to the secret club of Caleb’s Brain, we meet every Harvest Moon and must wear rainbow unicorn horns as a member symbol…clearly I am rambling again so I will wrap this up and get back to work. Thank you for supporting me all so far and I look forward to reading more entertainment and art for you!

 Have a Buzzin weekend, fam!

-Caleb, Baked Cat Studio


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