Springy Greetings and Polleny Salutations

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March. 1. 2019.

It's March first! Holy hopping hippos, Batman! How and when did that happen?! I can't believe we're here already and the warm weather keeps popping it’s adorable little head in and out of our southern lives. I’m digging the spotty warmth, though, I must admit. Camping season is kicking in strong and we’re taking full advantage by already booking a camping trip the second week of March! Not too mention a sweet get-away, we’ve begun planning a few videos to film for everyone while we’re out there. Another fun walk about of Santee State Park but also some “barbaric outdoor cooking” videos that will, no-doubt, leave you mesmerized. Our boy, Nic, is coming with us and is steaming with excitement to test out these techniques for wilderness cooking. This week was a lot of painting videos and listing a new auction for The Argonath from Lord of the Rings! 

In the upcoming week, we will be printing some shirts for the Spring release, our - Buzzin’ - shirt design will be released on Monday and another design the following Monday until our grand day of Spring! I also have a couple of video skits I want to try and film for the studio and hope I can pull that off. Not to mention I will be doing more painting for another auction, this will be Star Wars themed! I’m very excited to do something in this world but a little lost with the overwhelming good ideas and options to paint. However, I’m leaning towards the Ewok’s tree house village in Endor. I’ll have to flesh out some of these other ideas before I make my final commitment. 

That is the majority of our goals for the following week! I hope everyone has a stellar weekend and enjoys OUR CAMPING VIDEO THAT CAME OUT TODAY! You can enjoy the fun here: 


Now wish me luck as I try and pull the grand attempt to live on my own. Checking out a cottage on Sunday so who likes the idea of Patreon?


Have a killer weekend, fam!

-Caleb, Baked Cat Studio



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